L'Eglise Vie Nouvelle (the New Life Church), ou Eglise Evangélique Protestante du Saumurois (Evangelical Protestant church of the Saumur area) is a local expression of a movement of Protestant Christianity known as Evangelical.  This movement is characterised by a great variety of ways of expressing itself but evangelicals have the following elements in common:

  • The recognition that the Bible is the normative authority for faith, Christian living and Christian worship
  • A personal and voluntary commitment on the part of the individual to live his or her faith within community
  • The desire to make known the message of the Gospel to everyone, while respecting personal liberty.

Our fellowship is a member of l'Union Nationale des Assemblées de Dieu de France (U.N.A.D.F.; the National Union of Assemblies of God in France) at of the Conseil National des Evangélique de France (C.N.E.F.; the National Council of French Evangelics).

To know more about Evangelicals, you can visit the relevant sites by clicking on the links above,  For a historical overview, take a look at http://www.lecnef.org/leur-histoire.

(English speakers can take a look at UK organisations that are closely aligned to those mentioned above.  The British equivalent of the U.N.A.D.F. is the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and the nearest equivalent of the C.N.E.F. is probably the the Evangelical Alliance.  In the US these are the Assemblies of God USA and the National Association of Evangelicals. Please bear in mind, however, that these are not linked organisations and may have slightly different views and objectives.  You can also find a brief history of the Evangelical Alliance at http://www.eauk.org/connect/about-us/history.cfm and of the National Association of Evangelicals)