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  1. Anti-conversion laws spreading across India

    Another state in India has passed a law banning religious conversions.
  2. Pastor's answered prayer as simple piece of technology opens up online learning for children in poverty

    Children in the UK are experiencing huge disruption to their education but most have wifi in the home. In impoverished countries, children who are already disadvantaged by extreme poverty face the additional challenge of having little to no technology at home.
  3. Kidnapped Nigerian bishop recuperating after being freed

    A Catholic bishop has been released after being kidnapped and held for five days.
  4. Why slavery is still such a big problem today and what the Church can do about it

    Christian Today speaks to Euan Fraser, Public and Corporate Affairs Manager at International Justice Mission, about the scale of trafficking and slavery today, and what impact the pandemic has had.
  5. Five Christians executed by Islamists over Christmas

    The Islamist militants released a video saying the deaths were a "warning to Christians in all parts of the world and those in Nigeria".
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