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  1. 2,500 Bibles sent to remote tribe that once killed missionaries

    A remote Papua tribe has received 2,500 Bibles 55 years after two missionaries trying to reach them with the Gospel were slain.
  2. Hong Kong churches called to stand up for democracy as Beijing tightens its grip

    A pastor's son and pro-democracy campaigner has urged Hong Kong churches to do their part in standing up for freedom in the territory.
  3. In the face of a global education crisis, teachers and students are finding clever ways to keep learning

    The global coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly impacted school children immensely, including here in the UK, but it's those in the poorest households living in developing countries that have been most affected.
  4. New study raises hopes for Christianity in Iran

    In a recent survey of about 50,000 Iranians over the age of 20, a Netherlands-based secular research group found that 1.5% of respondents identify as Christian.
  5. UK Government accused of downplaying violence against Christians in Nigeria

    The UK Government has been urged to do more to protect Christians in Nigeria who are facing possible genocide.
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