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  1. Why does God allow us to experience difficulties and disasters?

    The Faraday Institute's Dr Roger Abbott speaks to Christian Today about the relationship between God and suffering, and why the truth is so much better than what we may naturally be inclined to think.
  2. My experience of graduating into a Covid world

    Graduating has seldom been easy. Jobs are hard to come by and the safety of studenthood dissipates almost immediately. Imagine graduating into a world near-paralysed by a pandemic.
  3. Family of Catholic man on life support should end the fight to keep him alive, say judges

    Appeals court judges have urged the Catholic family of a comatose man to allow him to die.
  4. Cathedral vaccination centre soothes jab nerves with a little organ music

    Salisbury Cathedral has welcomed in the first members of the public to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in the stunning surroundings of the 800-year-old building.
  5. Trump's presidency has been 'challenging' for UK evangelicals - Gavin Calver

    Evangelical leader Gavin Calver says he will be able to "more confidently" introduce himself as an evangelical Christian after Donald Trump leaves office.
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